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50 Shades of Grey

Am I going to see the movie? No. Ever since the trailer was released, people either call for the boycott of the film, or bash feminists. Then there’s the small corner of people that are going to see the film. For example, 

"It makes me sooo happy to see some males commenting on this saying how wrong and disgusting this book and film is. That is what I call a male, and the females who enjoy this are just fucked up. I’m a female and not at all appealed by this. So thank you to those lads who disagree with this story." (Nattizz Cuter via Youtube)


"All the people going on about this film promotes rape and dishonors females in the sex trafficking industry need to get a grip. The book portrays and powerful "bad boy" male dominating a submissive chick. The reason this book is so popular is because this is what 99% of girls really want. Fucking feminists." (Aaron Wright via Youtube)

Some women want to be dominated in the bedroom, some women don’t, and some women are the dominators, hence dominatrixes. What people want inside the bedroom is very different from what people want outside the bedroom.

The book was not successful because of submissive, perverted women, it was successful because of sex. What people fail to recognize is that it’s a fictional book primarily centered around sex. While rather barbaric, sex is the most successful tool to advertising. Sex sells, and continues to sell because it is effective to most of the population, not just lustful, brainless male neanderthals.

50 Shades of Grey isn’t any different from porn. It is porn…and porn is fake. Pornography is as real as any Hollywood production, between the fake orgasms, squirting, and that every pizza man is inertly James Deen waiting to spring into action. 50 Shades of Grey, just like porn, simply serves as a fantasy, a tool for arousal. 

It’s not a decent basis to one’s reality; it’s just an empty stereotype. Women that enjoy such material are submissive. All black people steal televisions in the middle of the night. All blondes are stupid. All Chinese people know martial arts. Stereotypes.

Just because a woman enjoys being dominated in bed doesn’t mean she would enjoy being whipped by her boss or handcuffed by the guy working at Starbucks. Some men enjoy watching pissing porn videos, in which a woman urinates during sex, often on herself and the man fucking her. Does that mean the man that enjoys it must want to be pissed on by women? Of course not. So should women (and men) that are aroused by the content in 50 Shades of Grey must want to be dominated and gagged and handcuffed?  

There’s also the notion that people should not judge each other as you would not like to be judged. Not judging a person’s character from the way she/he looks, etc. If a man or woman enjoys the book’s material, then it must mean that he/she is a salacious pervert that supports domestic violence. 

There is also the difference between being aroused by something and actually wanting it to happen to you. Like the shopping effect—-the “wow-that-shirt-is-really-cute-but-not-on-me” effect. 

The book doesn’t exist to glorify the abuse of women or rape. The protagonist consents to being gagged and bound, etc. Meeting the male protagonist, she simply explores her own sexuality, something hopefully everyone has done or will do. It’s only human to explore one’s sexuality, to find what he/she likes or doesn’t like.  

Those who shame the women that enjoy the book convolute the idea of individuality. People fight for individuality, away from conformity, to be themselves, to be free to express themselves and their interests. Yet, to shame an interest such as bondism, etc. or even the arousal from the book’s content is to suppress an individual that is not raping, molesting, or forcefully hurting anyone. How are people supposed to support a belief, like womens’ rights and gender equality, if people just throw another belief, another fight out the window? You are allowed to be your own person and have interests like reading and biking, but you’re not allowed to read books that are over two hundred thirty-four pages and you’re not allowed to bike on areas with grass…

Everyone’s different. Some people like missionary, some people like being whipped, some people like sucking toes, which basically means people are just weird as shit but that also is not a new concept. 

If 50 Shades of Grey never became successful, odds are, it wouldn’t be so controversial. The generalizations and perspectives jerked from the story is similar to finding the meaning of life in a bowl of soup. 

I’m not defending 50 Shades of Grey because of a bias—-I’ve never read it due to its poor reviews. (I don’t read often. If I do, it’s got to be ridiculously good.) If you don’t agree, I don’t give a shit. If you agree, I still don’t give a shit. These are my personal opinions I’m not trying to shove in anyone’s faces and neither am I attempting to override anyone else’s.


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